Selling your property - What makes a successful sale?

Article 7: Selling your property - what makes a successful sale?

We asked Affordable Rooms by Marina Watson, a Sydney property stylist and interior designer for some ideas to get your home ready for the selling season. In a highly competitive market ensure your property is "dressed to impress". Consider some of these tips:

Property websites capture a wide audience

We all have access to property websites 24/7 and they are a great tool for investigating the real estate market and actively promoting your property. Review how others present their properties in today's market.

Great advertising photos will attract more interest

Selling your home is a marketing opportunity and you need to maximize your reach by making your publicity photos look outstanding to attract peak interest. Colourful and beautifully presented rooms are a crucial part in achieving a sale and maximizing your selling price.

Getting your home ready for sale

Declutter by removing personal items such as family pictures. This will appeal to a wider audience.

A coat of paint on walls will freshen the look of your home. Work on making your main rooms look their best. Walls that look clean and fresh make you feel like you can immediately move in. When choosing your paint colour keep it simple and light, and allow your furnishings to create the impact.

Furniture proportions are important, and a challenge. When you enter a room do you bump into a lounge, chair or bed? This is a major problem which needs to be solved immediately. Remove small items out of your main room. Look at your wall area and place your large items first. In lounge areas create an L shape; e.g. one large lounge and two arm chairs looking onto a fireplace, TV or entrance door. If there are many doors and windows, create walk through areas by centering your seating items away from the wall. Once you have this right you can start adding other items to give the room personality.

Create colour and drama by using large 2 x 3 meter rugs, even on carpeted floors. Add colourful cushions to your sofas and chairs, add tall lamps and large paintings. All these items create drama and character in your room. Proportion is most important, keep it large and less is best. Add colourful flowers and decorative large vases to complete the look.

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Terms & Conditions: *You must consider if the product is right for you. For full terms and conditions and relevant fees and charges please refer to The material provided is for research and information purposes only, and does not constitute advice or recommendations. It is intended as a guide only and you should seek independent professional advice to suit your individual circumstances. Any tips, information or products referenced or linked in the material are not endorsed by us and people who choose to pursue particular products or services cannot hold us liable for any errors or omissions, losses or other problems experienced.

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